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When Nobody Is Looking…

Angela White, Summer Col, Alex Mack

During the time that she is waiting for a delivery of furniture, Angela White is hot and bored, and she is diddling her pussy.

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Her assistance is typically provided by buffoons from the furniture company; however, this time, they have dispatched two stunning women: Alex Mack and Summer Col!

When Summer leaves the room, Angela immediately begins to violently control Alex Mack, rimming him over the milking table that she had just constructed. Angela directs her raunchy energy towards her when summer returns, and she does so by putting her on top of the table and soliciting Alex Mack’s assistance on her pussy as she smothers her with her tits when she does so.

Angela is positioning herself so that she is straddling Summer’s face, and Alex is stuffing her pussy with his thick cock. The three of them are making the most of Angela’s brand-new furnishings to the fullest advantage. After engaging in a variety of nasty combinations, including jerking, sucking, fucking, and rimming each other, they culminate in a milky cum-shot beneath Angela’s brand-new table.

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