Wild Girl Fucks on The Bus Amirah Sky

Wild Girl Fucks on The Bus
Amirah Sky, Sheem the Dream

Wild Girl Fucks on The Bus

The bus is in a state of perpetual search as it travels through the streets of Miami in search of criminals who are prepared to do anything for the appropriate amount of money.


This time, we played a practical joke on the waitress while she was walking home. She initially approached us with some reluctance, but as the money started coming in, she was willing to do just about everything.

Once we got it inside the bus, things took a dramatic turn for the better. She was not looking for a way to make money; rather, she was looking for a way to be fucked.

Especially after she had seen Sheem’s cock for herself. She then proceeded to go to town on his cock as she was totally naked, displaying to us her enormous breasts and toned buttocks.

Suctioning and choking up the object until it was time to force it into her little opening. This girl did her business all over the bus with her dick.