Worshipping Hazel’s Hairy Pits Hazel Grace

Worshipping Hazel’s Hairy Pits
Hazel Grace, Damion Dayski

Worshipping Hazel's Hairy Pits

At Damion Dayski’s boutique, all the fashions are stunning, but not as stunning as busty customer Hazel Grace.


Damion follows the hottie around the store to check out her amazing booty and great tits, but he can’t tear his eyes away when he spies her hairy pits!

In Worshipping Hazel’s Hairy Pits, Damion peeps in on her in the changing room and jacks off, and when Hazel discovers his fascination for her armpits, she lets him sniff them before having her way with his big dick.

Pornstar Featured in Worshipping Hazel’s Hairy Pits

Hazel Grace

She is poise, she is grace, and everybody wants her to sit on their face; a busty babe with a big booty, she is Hazel Grace!

This all-natural thicc queen is elegance personified, with an innocent look to her that begs to be ruined with perverted sex.

When she isn’t enjoying a hard cock or tongue-deep in a tight pussy, Hazel likes to hang out with friends, try new restaurants, and travel.

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