Wrongful DMCA Requests Are a Real Pain in the ASS

Over the last 18 – 24 months, my inbox has been pelted with DMCA notices from Google.  These DMCA requests have been submitted by DMCA ‘agents’ acting on the behalf of pornstars.  This thing is, the only content I use is from web sites such as Brazzers, Reality Kings of FakeHub, where the pornstar does not own the right to.

My feeling is that these so called DMCA agents are just searching for any content that mention heir clients name and then just blanket bombing all of those URL’s.  Every time I get a DMA notice from Google, I have to complete a counter notice and then my URL gets reinstated because the agent never contents my counter notice, knowing that they have no right in the first place to tray and take down my content.

However, even though Google do reinstate my URL’s after a period of time, it does mean that I could have missed out on affiliate sales.  It just seems for easy for bogus DMCA agents to get URL’s taken down without Google doing their due diligence first.

Reddit have gone one further and now banned my accounts for receiving too many DMCA requests. I don’t think that Reddit actually read my counter notices that I have sent them.  If they took the time to actually read them, they would understand that if they actually challenged the DMCA request, they would not need to remove my pages and accounts and miss out on the Google traffic it is/was providing.

If you are an affiliate and receive DMCA requests from agents such as DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc, then I would recommend that you always sends a counter notice back to Google….unless you are in-fact using material owned by the model they claim to represent.