You Snooze I Sneak Your Man Xwife Karen

You Snooze I Sneak Your Man
Xwife Karen, Mazee The Goat

You Snooze I Sneak Your Man

Xwife Karen, is currently engaged in a social gathering at her best friend’s residence, where she will be spending the night on the couch.


However, she is not experiencing fatigue; rather, she is experiencing a heightened state of sexual arousal and is compelled to engage in sexual stimulation by rubbing against pillows, the couch, and other objects in a discreet manner.

When Xwife Karen’s close friend’s partner, Mazee the GOAT, arrives home tardily, she conceals herself beneath covers while exposing her posterior, in the anticipation that he will encounter her very moist genitalia.

Mazee succumbs to her ploy and engages in intimate activity with her vigorously. Abruptly, Mazee’s girlfriend, who is prone to sleepwalking, enters the room, leading him to realise that she has deceived him.

The individual in question endeavours to retire for the night and exhibit virtuous behaviour. However, Karen possesses her own intentions and proceeds to position herself astride him in close proximity to her slumbering companion.

Mazee engages in sexual intercourse with Karen, afterwards returning to the living room and ejaculating across her body. This incident coincides with the awakening of his girlfriend.

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Xwife Karen

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Karen enjoys expressing her artistic side through painting and art when she isn’t exhibiting her fantastic attributes in front of the camera, but she also has an adventurous streak and enjoys kayaking in the great outdoors.

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