You Want To Go WHERE?

You Want To Go WHERE?
Blair Saenz

You Want To Go WHERE

On a cloudy and wet day, I embarked on a journey to transport the captivating Colombian Blair Saenz from Prague to Spain, as per her request.


I endeavoured to persuade her of the impracticality of the situation; nevertheless, upon her presentation of a substantial sum of money, I acquiesced.

Upon depletion of the fuel supply, we found ourselves at the midpoint of our journey, prompting me to implore Blair for additional financial resources.

Regrettably, she was unable to provide any monetary assistance. As a kind of compensation for the debt owed to me, she provided a sexual act at the rear of the vehicle, while simultaneously exposing her breasts.

Upon observing that the act of oral stimulation on my well-endowed and girthy phallus was eliciting sexual arousal in the individual adorned with body piercings, I proceeded to remove her undergarment and engage in sexual intercourse with her in the doggy-style position.

In Fake Taxi You Want To Go WHERE?, Blair positioned her hairless pussy on my thighs and engaged in a cowgirl-style sexual activity, followed by a missionary-style encounter.

Subsequently, we engaged in a form of physical intimacy known as spooning within the confines of the rear compartment of the taxi.

During the culmination of the intimate encounter, the individual with dark hair manually stimulated my genitals till ejaculation occurred, resulting in the release of seminal fluid into their oral cavity.

I had great pleasure in observing the substantial, unenhanced mammary glands of the individual in question, as they exhibited a rhythmic motion.

Furthermore, when I approached the point of climax, I derived immense satisfaction from witnessing the continued movement of her sizable, unaltered breasts.