Brazzers Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal

Brazzers Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal
Anissa Kate and Apollo Banks

Brazzers Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal

Fucking is something that Anissa enjoys doing, so she is delighted to bring home a new suction dildo and place it smack dab in the middle of the living room where everyone can see it… and then proceed to fuck it right there.


When her flatmate got home, she was already caught by her. She is so angry that she tells Anissa that she is going to have Apollo, her new boyfriend, home for dinner and that Anissa needs to put away her sex toys!

Anissa does not bother to conceal her suction dildo from Apollo when he comes, and when he makes a move to tuck her chair in, she displays it for him.

She is delighted to be bouncing when supper is delivered. Anissa flirts with her roommate’s boyfriend in front of her roommate as well as behind her back!

In the end, Apollo gives in to her persistent seduction, and the two of them titanic their way to sexual success.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal

Anissa Kate

How did sultry French porn star Anissa Kate get her start in the adult industry? She claims she became infatuated with viewing pornographic documentaries, and seeing every element of the lifestyle made her “furiously eager to do that” herself!

Anissa jumped in headfirst, abandoning her Economics job to strip naked onscreen and take dicks in all her lovely holes.

Anissa has amassed a cult-like following since her debut in 2011, who can’t get enough of her beautiful lips, curvaceous physique, or passion for being hammered hard from behind.

All of these wonderful qualities help to explain why she was named Best Foreign Female Performer at the 2014 AND 2015 AVN Awards, but to truly understand this Frenchwoman’s attraction, you’ll have to see her scene called Brazzers Awkward Nerd BF Gets Horny Roomie Anal for yourself!

Fake Taxi Cold Hard Revenge

Fake Taxi Cold Hard Revenge
Lena Coxx

Fake Taxi Cold Hard Revenge

It was a cold day when sexy brunette Lena Coxx hopped into my cab.


The French babe didn’t actually want to go anywhere, she just wanted to warm up! In return, she offered to show me her hot body, and of course I said yes!

Lena pulled up her top and flashed me her pierced tits, and then I joined her in the back of the cab where she gave me a sloppy blowjob!

The sight of her gagging on my long, thick cock was a huge turn-on, and afterwards the stocking-clad nymph slid her red thong aside and helped guide my dick inside her dripping wet pussy.

In Fake Taxi Cold Hard Revenge, fucking her tight hole felt so good, and then Lena climbed on top and rode me in cowgirl, which gave me a great view of her curvy ass!

We did some spooning in the backseat until she orgasmed, and then I put her on all fours and pounded the tattooed slut from behind in doggy position.

When I was close to cumming, I pulled out and Lena jerked me off until I spilled my load inside her mouth!

FakeHub Moving My Ass Jade Amor

FakeHub Moving My Ass
Jade Amor and Michael Fly

Fakehub Moving My Ass

French beauty Jade Amor is riding in the back of a moving truck when a bump in the road sends her flying straight onto Michael Fly’s enormous cock!


Jade was wearing heels and a gorgeous dress at the time of the incident. After Michael has undone the buttons on his trousers, the stunning brunette gives Michael a passionate blowjob, and then he fucks the attractive face of the brunette!

Jade spreads her narrow legs and takes a side fuck on the floor before straddling the dark-haired hunk and easing her tight butthole down onto his long, thick rod!

With her petite, pierced tits on view, Jade takes a side fuck on the floor before straddling the hunk.

In FakeHub Moving My Ass, after giving Michael a frantic ride in the form of a cowgirl, Jade exposes her gorgeous round ass and challenges him to give her a vigorous pounding from behind while she is in the doggy position.

When it’s time to cum, the well-hung guy quickly pulls out, just in time to dump a creamy load all over Jade!

Brazzers Free To Play Pussy Pay To Win Anal

Brazzers Free To Play Pussy Pay To Win Anal
Arabelle Raphael and Keiran Lee

Brazzers Free To Play Pussy Pay To Win Anal

You all may know Arabelle Rapheal for her amazing dick sucking skills and juicy tits, but today she wanted to show off that round, tight ass.


With an insatiable craving for big dicks, she can be hard to satisfy, and Keiran Lee knows that.

Even if you’re trying to manage your favourite footie team or just enjoy the day off, Arabelle will be salivating to slide her tongue up and down your shaft, grind her big cheeks against your crotch, and ride you hard until you burst thick loads of cum deep inside her.

She needs it. Now. No matter what you’re doing, playing, or thinking. Arabelle needs cock. And you either play with her pussy, or win over her ass…

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Free To Play Pussy Pay To Win Anal

Arabelle Rapheal

With over a decade in the adult industry, it’s more than just her eye-popping curves that have earned Arabelle Raphael the status of “cult classic pornographic actress.”

This French brunette is a tattooed alt babe who made a name for herself doing every type of naughty sex on screen, but she’s also an acclaimed writer, director, and artist who’s as talented behind the camera as she is in front of it.

With interests ranging from poetry and personal essays to painting and diorama–and, of course, her self-produced films, explicit and artistic and a mix of the two–Arabelle likes making minds work even more than she likes making cocks hard and pussies wet.

Fake Taxi Your Cock is Grande

Fake Taxi Your Cock is Grande
Chloe Chevalier

Fake Taxi Your Cock is Grande

Today, the fake taxi driver pulled over to pick up a pretty blonde who was heading to a dance club.


Chloe Chevalier was in the mood for some wild fun. She informed him that she was eager to show him her lovely round boobs and that she was hungry for dick.

The driver requested to see more of her attractive figure, so she removed her booty shorts and showed him her enormous, thong-clad buttocks, which actually smacked him in the face!

He drove over in a quiet area and sat down next to the French hottie, who was smitten with his enormous cock.

Chloe opened her legs when she had stopped gagging on it so he could fuck her shaved pussy in missionary position. She then rode him in cowgirl and reverse while he slapped her tight ass.

The hot nymph engaged in some steamy spooning in the back of the cab before bending over and letting the fake taxi driver bang her from behind doggy-style before sucking his dick once more till he was about to spunk.

Exes Compete Over New Pussy Anissa Kate Beth Bennett

Exes Compete Over New Pussy
Anissa Kate, Beth Bennett, Danny D

Exes Compete Over New Pussy

Anissa Kate, a seductive woman, is interested in renting a room from Danny D.


The fact that Beth Bennett, Danny’s ex-girlfriend, still resides there complicates matters.

Due to their rivalry, Danny and Beth both realise they desire Anissa the moment they set eyes on her.

The exchange that ensues sees Danny and Beth taking turns fucking their new flatmate. But who will Anissa ultimately choose?

In a world where passions run high and desires ignite like wildfire, brace yourself for an fuelled showdown like no other.

Get ready for Brazzers Exes Compete Over New Pussy, a raucous escapade featuring the stunning Anissa Kate, the irresistible Beth Bennett, and the legendary Danny D!

Join us on a wild rollercoaster ride as these fiery exes go head-to-head, vying for the ultimate prize: a brand new, irresistible, and oh-so-enticing piece of heaven.

Sparks fly, tensions rise, and the competition reaches a fever pitch as these ex-lovers unleash their arsenal of seductive skills.

With Anissa Kate’s intoxicating allure, Beth Bennett’s playful charm, and Danny D’s undeniable magnetism, you’re in for a tantalising treat.

As the battle for supremacy unfolds, you’ll be captivated by the cheeky banter, electrifying chemistry, and rib-tickling antics that will leave you breathless with laughter.

But beware, dear reader, for in this seductive game of cat and mouse, nothing is off-limits. From mischievous schemes to cunning strategies, our trio of exes will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate prize.

Who will triumph in this high-stakes quest for pleasure? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Prepare yourself for a sizzling spectacle that will tickle your funny bone, stir your desires, and leave you wanting more.

With each twist and turn, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, immersed in a world of cheeky adventures and mischievous encounters.

So grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready to witness the clash of the exes.

Brazzers Exes Compete Over New Pussy will take you on a wild ride filled with laughter, desire, and a healthy dose of cheeky chappy fun!

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Fake Taxi French Sexual Psychology Candy Scott

French Sexual Psychology
Candy Scott

French Sexual Psychology

In the Fake Taxi I went today, I had the pleasure of picking up Candy Scott, a sensual French student who needed a trip back to school.


Upon our departure, Candy shared with me that she had received her education in psychology and had focused on research pertaining to sexual desire.

The tiny sweetie with the raven hair knew just how to get my blood pumping by first showing me her juicy tits and then revealing to me her moist crotch, which made it impossible for me to concentrate on the road.

I stopped the car in a remote spot so that I could join the cheeky rascal in the backseat of the cab. There, she proceeded to give me a lengthy and intense throat blowjob.

In Fake Taxi French Sexual Psychology, after she had finished making my enormous dick nice and moist, Candy was ready for a good fucking, and she nearly begged me to penetrate her while she was in missionary position.

After that, the pierced and tattooed nymph straddled me backward and bounced her tight snatch on my lap while she was straddling me.

Next, Candy showed me her little but firm arse and allowed me to give her a doggystyle till I withdrew to give her a steamy, scorching facial!

Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Dancing Lessons From A MILF
Anissa Kate, Lacy Tate, Johnny Love

Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Lacy Tate and Johnny Love want Lacy’s stepmother, Anissa Kate, to know that they have some very exciting news: they are getting engaged!


Before their big day, they realise they need to brush up on their dancing skills, and the gorgeous French MILF is more than willing to teach them some new steps.

But Anissa doesn’t waste any time in making the moves on Johnny, to to Johnny’s surprise… that is, until Johnny realises that his darling fiancee is enjoying it!

Before coming in for a threesome, Anissa teaches Lacy how to cock-suck before she does it herself.

In Dancing Lessons From A MILF, this ensures that the couple who are about to get married will know the most crucial dance.

Pornstar Featured in Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate, a gorgeous French porn actor, explains how she made the decision to enter the adult industry.

She claims that after being fixated with pornographic documentaries, she became “furiously eager to do that” herself after viewing every facet of the lifestyle.

Anissa jumped in with all feet, quitting her job studying economics to strip off for the camera and take dicks in all her lovely places.

Anissa has amassed a throng of devoted fans since her 2011 debut, who can’t get enough of her full lips, voluptuous shape, or her passion for taking a beating from behind.

All these gorgeous qualities help to illustrate why she was named the only Foreign Female Performer at the 2014 AND 2015 AVN Awards, but the only way to truly understand this Frenchwoman’s attraction is to watch her scenes!

Lacy Tate

Lacy Tate, a petite, naturally blonde woman, is open to almost everything.

When you strip this stunning girl-next-door down to reveal her tantalising B-cup tits and lean little hardbody shape, she tends to be eager to go, and because to her down-to-earth, fun-loving demeanour, you are sure to have a fantastic time doing it.

Day of Debauchery Part 1 Cassie Del Isla

Day of Debauchery Part 1
Cassie Del Isla, Mick Blue, Will Pounder, Dan Damage

Cassie Del Isla Day of Debauchery Part 1

When Cassie Del Isla looses numerous buttons on her blouse, she never realised just how many guys suddenly knew how to sew.

At first glance, Cassie Del Isla may appear to be a simple suburban wife, gorgeous curves immaculately contained in her evening outfit, preparing for dinner with her husband, Mick Blue.


But… Something seems off. There’s a tension in the air, an expectant energy that Cassie can barely keep contained. Something unrecognised and unsaid that has her watching the clock.

Because today is something special. Where she and her entire nation can freely indulge in hedonistic activity without any judgment. To get out all her deepest, darkest desires.

To put herself up to be railed and ravished by strangers Dan Damage and Will Pounder.  In Day of Debauchery Part 1,  to let her inner nymphomaniac free and take three cocks in every one of her holes, moaning and drooling for more.

Today is the beginning of the Day of Debauchery.

Pornstars Features in Day of Debauchery Part 1

Cassie Del Isla

If all the selfies and video clips Mediterranean stunner Cassie Del Isla posts of her days tanning nude on the most exclusive beaches of Ibiza have made you long to see a whole lot more of her, you’re in luck!

You don’t need to buy yourself a ticket to Spain; just come to to see all of Cassie’s long, lean body in heart-pounding close-up.

This nympho beauty and her pornstar husband Dorian Del Isla have been traveling all over Europe since their first performance together, when an adult film director friend asked the couple to appear in one of his films.

Although Cassie frequently performs with other men, she always loves to slip into the hot tub next to her hubby after a long day of shooting before they wake up and head out to the nude beach once again! Get a peek at this hot wife now.

First Czech Cock for French Teen Chloe Chevalier

First Czech Cock for French Teen
Chloe Chevalier, Martin Gun

First Czech cock for French teen

It was a cold, snowy day in Prague when I spotted beautiful French babe Chloe Chevalier waiting at the bus stop. After stopping to chat, Chloe told me she was a law student, and despite having a boyfriend, the gorgeous blonde was willing to flash me her hot body in exchange for cash.


I enjoyed spanking Chloe’s curvy bum, and I was beginning to get horny, so I offered her more euros for sexual favours. She agreed, and we checked into a hotel room, where the cheating slut got on her knees and rewarded me with a sensational blowjob!

In First Czech Cock for French Teen, Chloe’s piercing blue eyes looked up at me as she took the full length of my dick in her pretty mouth, and once she’d finished gagging on it, I stuck it in her tight pussy and banged her doggystyle, which gave me a great view of her sexy bubble butt!

SEE Squeezing in a Sneaky Fuck

Next, Chloe climbed on my lap and rode my thick shaft in cowgirl before sucking on it some more, and then she spread her legs and invited me to fuck her in missionary position.

When it was time to cum, I got Chloe to wank me off until she was covered in a sticky facial!

One Last Kiss One Last Creampie Candie Luciani

One Last Kiss One Last Creampie
Candie Luciani

One last kiss one last creampie

French beauty Candi Luciani is crying over her recent split from boyfriend Alex. As the former couple embraces in an emotional farewell, they share a lingering kiss… which leads to epic breakup sex!


The stunning brunette gags on Alex’s cock in a deepthroat blowjob, then he returns the favour by stimulating her lips and clit with his tongue.

Turned on, Candi hops on top and rides the dark-haired stud cowgirl-style, and afterwards Alex tastes her wet pussy juices, which gets the slim babe even hornier!

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Next, the well-hung hunk pummels Candi in missionary position as she moans loudly, then the pair do some sexy spooning on the sofa.

In One Last Kiss One Last Creampie, after giving Candi one last fuck from behind doggystyle, Alex leaves her with a memorable creampie before telling her “Au revoir!”

This French Girl is Crazy Candie Luciani

This French Girl is Crazy
Candie Luciani, Martin Gun

This French Girl is Crazy

I was out for a late-night walk when I bumped into this sexy French piece named Candie Luciani. Candie told me she was working in Prague as a model, so I offered her a few euros to do a private modelling gig for me.


After accepting the cash, the hot brunette flashed me her beautiful natural tits, and she even let me play with her perky nipples! Next, the naughty minx pulled aside her thong so I could see her tight snatch, which got me hard, so I asked her for a blowjob.

I loved hearing Candie gag as she went down on me, then the petite babe jumped on my thick dick and rode it cowgirl-style before sucking on it some more!

She spread her legs and invited me to bang her dripping wet pussy in missionary position, then she got on all fours and took a doggystyle fucking until I came in her mouth!