British Blonde Pornstar Rebecca More Double Timing MILF

The sexy British blonde MILF Rebecca More has been on my porn radar for quite a while.  I have edited some of her fabulously entertaining Female Fake Taxi videos in the past.

Double Timing MILF

In her new Brazzers video called Double Timing MILF she gets to have sex with Jordi El Nino Polla and Danny D.  The scene is based around Miss More showering and having sex with Jordi in the Shower.

It’s a bit of a throwback to those Brazzers scenes where the female performer gets fucked from behind the shower curtain whilst sucking off her husband from the front.

The husband in this Brazzers cheating wife video is played by Danny D.  Jordi, being a college student is first to have a go on Rebecca More’s big tits.  He is in big tits wonderland and looks to be having a fucking great time.  Danny, however, is still waiting of his wife in the bedroom, hoping to get a big of action.


Whilst Danny is waiting patiently, his hot blonde wife is too busy riding Jordi on the bathroom floor.  She rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until she breaks out into female orgasms.  When she is finished, she allows Jordi to cum over her face.

With Jordi’s balls emptied, she strides into her bedroom to find her husband ready and waiting to fuck her himself.  Danny notices that she has something on her face and goes to wipe it off, but Rebecca realises she has missed a bit of cum and quickly wipes it away.

With her sexual appetite only half fore-filled, she has her second helping of cock.  Danny D pounds away on her pussy making her big British tits and ass shake as he thrusts his huge white cock deep inside her.