Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3 La Paisita Oficial

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3
La Paisita Oficial, Xander Corvus, Potro De Bilbao

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3 La Paisita Oficial

Lapaisita is eagerly anticipating another day of intense training, but this time she is adding to her challenges by engaging in her first experience of double penetration with Xander Corvus and Potro.


Witness Lapaisita fearlessly engage with two large dicks while being covered in copious amounts of oil, resulting in numerous intense climaxes, all in the context of her most remarkable training session to yet!

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3

La Paisita Oficial

A surprise in Colombia A great meal, a good book, and making people happy are some of the simple things that La Paisita Oficial loves about life.

Everyone around La Paisita is sure to be grinning ear to ear because of her huge tits and ass, which she loves to show off in public at all times.

You’ll be laughing out loud when you see Paisita throw back her big bubble booty while riding a thick cock.

Impregnation Vacation Part 3

Impregnation Vacation Part 3
Violet Starr, Cali Carter, Xander Corvus, Quinton James

Impregnation Vacation Part 3

Our main character, Cali Carter, is getting anxious since the end of the vacation is drawing near, and she is worried that she may not have gotten enough sperm into her pussy yet.


Cali’s hubby brings her out to a nightclub, where she meets other horny deviants who are similar to herself, like Violet Starr, Quinton James, and Xander Corvus.

A sizzling foursome is formed, and Cali makes certain that she walks away with a double creampie.

Cali’s husband is unaware of the situation and eventually brings her back to the hotel for one last passionate fuck before they both head off to their own homes.

Pornstars featured in Brazzers Impregnation Vacation Part 3

Violet Starr

Even though Violet Starr is pretty and nice, she calls herself a “doe-eyed, bubble butt, curvy little slut.” Violet may look like a centrefold and move like a beauty queen, but her body won’t quit and her sexual desire will never go away.

Violet has always been like that. She has been a horny show-off for as long as she can remember. Yes, Violet, who is from Florida, used dancing to pay for college. But for her, it was all about being the centre of attention.

Even though she did acrobatics and pole dancing as part of her acts, this saucy minx soon got bored with stripping, so she did what a friend suggested and started camming.

She’s now a big star in the porn business and loves it. She says it’s like “living in a candy shop.” In fact, Violet is great if you haven’t seen her yet!

Cali Carter

Cali Carter decided to name herself after the great golden state because of the way blonde hair, blue eyes, and soft skin make you think of California girls.

Starting out in the adult entertainment business, she quickly became one of the most famous hardcore starlets on the web and one of the most watched porn princesses in the business.

Cali is one of the hottest porn princesses out there because she is so excited about everything, from her proud love of facials to her incredibly sexy vocal performances, which include dirty talk, moans, and screams of pleasure.

Cali Carter is a dirty girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s not also a hardworking businesswoman! Cali saved enough money when she was 20 to buy her own house.

Remember Cali Carter the next time you dream of beaches, sunshine, and pretty blondes in tiny bikinis whether they are straight or gay.

Good Sweat Better Fuck Marina Gold

Good Sweat Better Fuck
Marina Gold, Xander Corvus

Good Sweat Better Fuck

Marina Gold, a stunning European beauty with fiery red hair, undresses sensually in the locker room of the fitness centre before entering the sauna.


She gives Xander Corvus a flash through the door when she notices that his GF is not paying attention, and then she stealthily enters the room to titty-fuck and suckle his cock.

Marina can’t keep silent while Xander is fucking her ass on the bench, so they head back to the locker room so that she may ride Xander’s dick and have a hot, sweaty facial!

Xander’s girlfriend doesn’t open her eyes while her man is fucking Marina’s ass on the bench.

Pornstar Featured in Good Sweat Better Fuck

Marina Gold

Marin Gold, a hot Spanish girl, probably would have majored in cum if she could have. Instead, this short, horny co-ed had to look outside of college to continue her intensive semen studies.

She found work in the porn business in Europe! Marina is naturally curvy and has dark hair and sultry eyes.

She loves jizz in a creampie, on her perky tits, or all over her pretty face, but she is most crazy about eating!

Watch Marina study her favourite subject right now in Good Sweat Better Fuck.

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1
Sara Retali, Sapphire Astrea, La Paisita Oficial, Xander Corvus

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

When Lapaisita Oficial arrives, she is met by Sara Retali, who then shows her around the highly private gym, which has a number of benefits that come with membership.


The best thing about this place is that everybody’s down to fuck! This area is like a dream come true for Lapaisita when she sees a raven-haired babe named Sara Retali getting fucked by another gym member named Xander Corvus.

Soon enough, Sara comes over to join them for a threesome, and Xander gives Sara some of his enormous cock.

Lapaisita makes the executive decision to sit back and observe the goings-on while stroking her scrumptious pussy because it is her first day and she is still a little reserved…

However, she’ll soon have another opportunity to engage in some enjoyable activities.

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

Sara Retali

Juicy and thick Sara Retali, a Venezuelan, possesses not only enormous tits and a rotund, but also an exceptionally long tongue that enables her to perform beyond description.

Sara, who is a huge fan of dirty talk and foreplay, delights in exploring her companions with her long tongue while they prepare to pound her moist, tight pussy.

Sara is proficient in both her tongue and hips, and she devotes considerable time to dancing. Sara is a voracious user of social media and enjoys travelling when she is not inspiring perverts with her skills and endowments. Observe Sara Retali in the subsequent sequences.

Sapphire Astrea

Like a precious gemstone, it is quite the luxury to acquire the lovely Sapphire Astrea. Hailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this lovely siren will leave you feeling anything but blue!

Friendly, hot, and faithful, this big titty babe loves to hit the strip and shop for the latest fashion, and when she isn’t showing off her delicious curves, she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

The real meal when it comes to Sapphire Astrea is her juicy booty, and you can get a taste of it in the scene called Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1.

La Paisita Oficial

Colombian detonation La Paisita Oficial delights in the basic pleasures of life, including sharing a delightful meal, reading a good book, and making others smile.

La Paisita absolutely adores exposing her enormous buttocks and posterior in public at every opportunity, ensuring that all those in her vicinity are positively giggling with delight.

You will certainly be beaming after observing Paisita toss her enormous bubble booty back while riding a thick cock.

The Gift Of Cock 3 Catherine Knight

The Gift Of Cock 3
Catherine Knight, Xander Corvus, Danny D

The Gift of Cock 3

Catherine Knight, a new employee, appears to be a significant source of distraction for both Xander Corvus, a fellow coworker, and Danny D.


Her supervisor, Danny, who is striving to uphold a professional demeanour, cautions Xander against producing a film centred around Catherine.

In Brazzers The Gift Of Cock 3, however, unbeknownst to Danny, Xander possesses a clandestine strategy including a discreet aperture in the breakroom.

Danny lacks awareness of this phenomenon. After engaging in sexual activities with Catherine, Xander and Catherine are brought into Danny’s office, where the manager proceeds to participate in a threesome with them.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers The Gift Of Cock 3

Catherine Knight

Sorry folks, there is no new information about this stunning Brazzers debutant at the moment.

As soon as I can get some crediable information, I will be posting it.

Going Double Deep Kitana Montana

Going Double Deep
Kitana Montana, Xander Corvus, Quinton James

Going Double Deep

Kitana Montana exhibits prominent, aesthetically pleasing mammary glands, accompanied by a posterior region that displays perpetual motion.


She derives great pleasure from leisurely lounging by the pool, engaging in rhythmic movements of her body while applying oil, and simultaneously engaging in self-stimulation.

In order to secure her affection, Quinton James and Xander Corvus will need to collaborate well. She will not find contentment with a singular male partner.

During this intimate and intense meeting, the individual expresses a desire to have both of her orifices occupied, and their request is fulfilled accordingly.

Pornstar Featured in Going Double Deep

Kitana Montana

Kitana Montana has an exceptional level of precision and a visually captivating aesthetic. Her well-endowed rear region, when adorned in a cowgirl attire, evokes a strong desire to repeatedly exclaim “yeehaw.”

Kitana derives pleasure from exploring unfamiliar locations, engaging in culinary experimentation, and engaging in social interactions with her acquaintances when she is not occupied with the production of explicit content and showcasing her generous décolletage.

Observe the demonstration of Kitana Montana’s performance through the offered video called Going Double Deep.

My Two Boyfriends Destiny Cruz

My Two Boyfriends
Destiny Cruz, Xander Corvus, Lucky Fate

My Two Boyfriends

What more optimal approach there to commence one’s day than engaging in a sexual encounter involving three individuals?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dynamic programming approach?

Destiny Cruz is engaged in a sexual encounter involving the penetration of her vaginal, oral, and anal cavities by two individuals, namely Xander Corvus and Lucky Fate.

These individuals willingly participate in the act, utilising their erect penises to engage in sexual intercourse with Destiny Cruz.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers My Two Boyfriends

Destiny Cruz

It has long been predicted that porn fans would discover an enigmatic new actress to lust over, and Destiny Cruz has fulfilled that prediction.

Destiny Cruz is incomparably hot for both hard dick and moist pussy, and having sex with her always ends in the same way: beautiful orgasm!

It’s only a matter of time before you check out Destiny Cruz in the scene called My Two Boyfriends, with her perky petite boobies and a tight ass she knows how to dance!

Virtual Pussy Sneaky Surprise Elsie

Virtual Pussy Sneaky Surprise
Elsie, Xander Corvus

Virtual Pussy Sneaky Surprise

Elsie has prepared a distinctive birthday surprise for Xander Corvus, which takes the form of a virtual reality (VR) headgear.


Xander expresses a desire to engage in sexual activity on his birthday, while Elsie suggests that he should first explore the use of a new device, with the intention of incorporating it into their shared sexual experience.

While Xander may be engaged in immersive virtual reality experiences involving sexual activities, he is concurrently engaging in physical sexual encounters with his sexually aroused partner in the tangible world.

Pornstar Featured in Virtual Pussy Sneaky Surprise


Sit back and relax while lovely seductress Elsie satisfies your carnal desires.

This all-natural beauty, a recent newbie to the porn scene, is especially proud of her thick, delicious ass, which she likes showing off – especially when she’s twerking it over a huge cock in front of the camera!

Tired with traditional vanilla sex, the obedient babe thinks that her time spent filming smut in front of the camera would help enhance her self-confidence and widen her sexual horizons, including girl-on-girl activity, anal, and learning how to squirt!

Born and reared in Kenya, the former model enjoys experimenting with new fashion designs and bright, colourful colours, her favourites being red and yellow.

Elsie, a fiery Virgo, is already sending shockwaves across the business, and she can’t wait to show you exactly how good she is at giving head! Check out her steamy scene called Virtual Pussy Sneaky Surprise.

Wife For A Day Slutty Sister In-Law Mimi Monet

Wife For A Day Slutty Sister In-Law
Mimi Monet and Xander Corvus

Wife For A Day Slutty Sister In-Law

This is the Brazzers debut porn video for Mimi Monet.  Take a look at how this sexy babe performs in front of the Brazzers cameras.


Xander has never stopped making fun of his younger brother, because he has never been able to obtain him a woman.

So you can only imagine how shocked he was when his brother showed up for dinner with his smoking hot new wife, Mimi Monet.

Xander is not ready to let his brother “win” for once, so he has no problem with the idea of fucking the promiscuous Mimi behind her husband’s back.

See Mimi’s pussy get spanked by a real throbbing cock in her Brazzers debut called Wife For A Day Slutty Sister In-Law.

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife
Claudia Garcia, Jordi El Nino Polla, Xander Corvus

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Claudia Garcia possesses a clear understanding of the intentions conveyed in her husband’s written request for her to engage in social activities with his acquaintance.


She extends a glass of water to Xander Corvus and intentionally pours it over both of them, strategically positioning herself to be caught by Xander as she is in the process of changing.

In Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife, he exhibits a persistent inclination to touch her substantial mammary glands, thereafter engaging in an act colloquially referred to as “titty-fucking,” followed by her assuming an active position atop his phallus.

Jordi El Nino Polla discreetly observes his spouse engaging in intimate activities with a close acquaintance, while Claudia enthusiastically engages in oral stimulation of his substantial phallus.

Promoting a sense of compassion and empathy, individuals derive pleasure from engaging in the act of sharing with one another.

In this particular scenario, the individuals involved partake in the act of sharing intimate experiences with a woman who possesses prominent physical attributes.

Ultimately, both individuals conclude their engagement by ejaculating upon the woman’s sizable breasts.

Pornstar Featured in Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Claudia Garcia

Claudia Garcia, a blonde Spanish goddess who stands 5’9″ even before she slips her feet into a sky-high pair of heels, is sure to attract your attention, and not just because of her height.

Claudia’s stunning face, big natural tits, and gigantic ass have drawn all of Europe’s attention since she began in the adult film industry at the age of 18, as has her truly astonishing thirst for cum all over her voluptuous body.

The key thing Claudia seeks for in a guy is how effectively he can fulfil her in extreme sex, so take notes while you watch her sizzling scenes.

Big Tit Cock Swap Lia Lovely, Xander Corvus, Dorian Del Isla

Big Tit Cock Swap
Lia Lovely, Xander Corvus, Dorian Del Isla

Big Tits Cock Swap

Xander Corvus and Dorian Del Isla are two excellent friends who share everything, including their relationships with the women in their lives.


In Brazzers Big Tit Cock Swap, Dorian takes cover in a closet when Xander’s girlfriend, Lia Lovely who has fucking massive black boobs, arrives at the house and watches the couple as they begin to make out.

Xander blindfolds an eager Dorian is given the opportunity to get his dick wet as Lia and the guys switch places. Lia is eventually enlightened to the situation.

But as far as she’s concerned, the more cock there is, the better, and eventually there’s some sizzling threesome action going on.

About Lia Lovely

Small-waisted cumslut, stacked and ready to fuck It really puts Lia Lovely in the mood for a hard banging when her sex partner is a good kisser!

Her lips, which are ideal for wrapping around a big, well-hung cock and performing fantastic blowjobs, are the bisexual babe’s favourite physical attribute!

Lia is a favourite among her co-stars on set because she is bubbly and amusing, and her admirers can’t get enough of her enormous double-F endowments.

The curvy girl frequently fantasises about being a part of a gangbang because of her enormous boobs and big round bum, which draw attention wherever she goes.

Lia enjoys eating Thai food, going to museums, and playing the piano when she isn’t busy flashing her stunning physique on camera. Voluptuous Lia is shown below in some hot moments.

Whose Scene Is This Anyway? Phoenix Marie, Alexis Fawx

Whose Scene Is This Anyway?
Phoenix Marie, Alexis Fawx, Xander Corvus

Whose Scene Is This Anyway

Two of the biggest names in porn and Brazzers exclusives Alexis Fawx and Phoenix Marie fight over whose scene this really is in this fun and extremely hot fourth wall-breaking scenario.


Why argue over who gets the spotlight when it can be shared?

Lucky for Xander Corvus, he’s about to get a double dose of big tits and perfect pussy as the trio share him along with the camera, leading to a wild, wall-shattering threesome!

Pornstars Featured in Whose Scene Is This Anyway?

Phoenix Marie

“Everything I do on camera, I do off-camera. You got a cock? You got a pussy? You wanna fuck? I’m down.” Need we say more?

California hottie Phoenix Marie is a sexual force like no other. In 2006, Phoenix was discovered in a nightclub by a bouncer with porn connections and an amazing eye for talent.

Rocking an ass that won’t quit, an insatiable love of anal, and an incredible pair of double Ds, she’s not only gorgeous; she’s a veritable porno goddess.

When this blonde badass isn’t getting her ass stuffed to capacity, she’s busy rebuilding classic cars, riding her motorcycle, and playing extreme sports.

Not one to pick favourites, this curvaceous babe has shared her tatas with the mainstream world of music as well: in 2012 she traveled to Australia to join rock sensation Steel Panther for a leg of their tour, and in January 2013, she was featured in the B.o.B feat. T.I. and Juicy J video for “We Still In This Bitch.”

With nearly 1000 scenes filmed to date, it’s safe to call Ms. Marie a veteran in the porn world, and she and her perfect juicy ass aren’t leaving any time soon.

Alexis Fawx

It’s not hard to figure out how busty Alexis Fawx picked her name when preparing for her big pornographic debut back in 2010. From head to toe, this hazel-eyed MILF is as foxy as it gets, and she’s not afraid to put those beautiful curves of hers to good use on-screen!

Born in Philly, but living in Miami, Alexis is one part tough-as-nails Philly chick and one part glamorous Miami heat, a tight and toned combination of everything that makes this great nation’s women the envy of the world.

A true health nut, Alexis keeps her body looking fit and fuckable by hitting the gym and eating healthy on the daily. But of course, her favourite way to exercise is with good, hard fucking from the big dicks on display!

So do yourself a favour and get a load of this foxy lady in action, because you’re going to want to chase this big-titted MILF to the video called Whose Scene Is This Anyway?