Exes Compete Over New Pussy Anissa Kate Beth Bennett

Exes Compete Over New Pussy
Anissa Kate, Beth Bennett, Danny D

Exes Compete Over New Pussy

Anissa Kate, a seductive woman, is interested in renting a room from Danny D.


The fact that Beth Bennett, Danny’s ex-girlfriend, still resides there complicates matters.

Due to their rivalry, Danny and Beth both realise they desire Anissa the moment they set eyes on her.

The exchange that ensues sees Danny and Beth taking turns fucking their new flatmate. But who will Anissa ultimately choose?

In a world where passions run high and desires ignite like wildfire, brace yourself for an fuelled showdown like no other.

Get ready for Brazzers Exes Compete Over New Pussy, a raucous escapade featuring the stunning Anissa Kate, the irresistible Beth Bennett, and the legendary Danny D!

Join us on a wild rollercoaster ride as these fiery exes go head-to-head, vying for the ultimate prize: a brand new, irresistible, and oh-so-enticing piece of heaven.

Sparks fly, tensions rise, and the competition reaches a fever pitch as these ex-lovers unleash their arsenal of seductive skills.

With Anissa Kate’s intoxicating allure, Beth Bennett’s playful charm, and Danny D’s undeniable magnetism, you’re in for a tantalising treat.

As the battle for supremacy unfolds, you’ll be captivated by the cheeky banter, electrifying chemistry, and rib-tickling antics that will leave you breathless with laughter.

But beware, dear reader, for in this seductive game of cat and mouse, nothing is off-limits. From mischievous schemes to cunning strategies, our trio of exes will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate prize.

Who will triumph in this high-stakes quest for pleasure? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Prepare yourself for a sizzling spectacle that will tickle your funny bone, stir your desires, and leave you wanting more.

With each twist and turn, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, immersed in a world of cheeky adventures and mischievous encounters.

So grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready to witness the clash of the exes.

Brazzers Exes Compete Over New Pussy will take you on a wild ride filled with laughter, desire, and a healthy dose of cheeky chappy fun!

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Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Dancing Lessons From A MILF
Anissa Kate, Lacy Tate, Johnny Love

Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Lacy Tate and Johnny Love want Lacy’s stepmother, Anissa Kate, to know that they have some very exciting news: they are getting engaged!


Before their big day, they realise they need to brush up on their dancing skills, and the gorgeous French MILF is more than willing to teach them some new steps.

But Anissa doesn’t waste any time in making the moves on Johnny, to to Johnny’s surprise… that is, until Johnny realises that his darling fiancee is enjoying it!

Before coming in for a threesome, Anissa teaches Lacy how to cock-suck before she does it herself.

In Dancing Lessons From A MILF, this ensures that the couple who are about to get married will know the most crucial dance.

Pornstar Featured in Dancing Lessons From A MILF

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate, a gorgeous French porn actor, explains how she made the decision to enter the adult industry.

She claims that after being fixated with pornographic documentaries, she became “furiously eager to do that” herself after viewing every facet of the lifestyle.

Anissa jumped in with all feet, quitting her job studying economics to strip off for the camera and take dicks in all her lovely places.

Anissa has amassed a throng of devoted fans since her 2011 debut, who can’t get enough of her full lips, voluptuous shape, or her passion for taking a beating from behind.

All these gorgeous qualities help to illustrate why she was named the only Foreign Female Performer at the 2014 AND 2015 AVN Awards, but the only way to truly understand this Frenchwoman’s attraction is to watch her scenes!

Lacy Tate

Lacy Tate, a petite, naturally blonde woman, is open to almost everything.

When you strip this stunning girl-next-door down to reveal her tantalising B-cup tits and lean little hardbody shape, she tends to be eager to go, and because to her down-to-earth, fun-loving demeanour, you are sure to have a fantastic time doing it.