Best of ZZ – All out Anal

Best of ZZ – All out Anal
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Why Men Attracted the Female Ass

The human body has always been a subject of fascination for people, and the female ass is no exception. Men, in particular, seem to be particularly attracted to this part of the female body. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind this attraction.

Evolutionary Biology

One possible explanation for why men are attracted to the female bottom is rooted in evolutionary biology. It is believed that men are naturally attracted to women with curves because they are seen as healthier and more fertile. A woman’s ass is one of the curves that men find particularly attractive. According to studies, men are attracted to women with a waist-to-hip ratio of around 0.7, which is considered a sign of fertility and good health.

Social Conditioning

Another reason why men are attracted to the female ass is due to social conditioning. Society has traditionally placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of a woman’s physical appearance, particularly her curves. Men are bombarded with images of curvy women in the media, which can contribute to their attraction to this part of the female body.

Cultural Differences

It is also worth noting that different cultures have different attitudes towards the female bottom. For example, in some African countries, a large bottom is considered a sign of beauty and fertility. In contrast, in some Western cultures, women are encouraged to have a smaller, more toned bottom. This suggests that attraction to the female bottom is not necessarily universal and can be influenced by cultural factors.

Personal Preferences

Finally, it’s important to note that attraction to the female bottom is not uniform across all men. While some men may find a curvy bottom particularly attractive, others may be drawn to different physical features, such as a woman’s legs or breasts. Personal preference is a key factor in determining what a man finds attractive in a woman.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why men are attracted to the female bottom, including evolutionary biology, social conditioning, cultural differences, and personal preferences. While it is important to appreciate the beauty of the human body, it is also essential to respect people’s personal boundaries and avoid objectifying them. Ultimately, attraction is a natural and normal part of the human experience, but it should always be approached with sensitivity and respect.

Sex Tips from Pornstars

In this new XXX Video Editor blog post, I bring you sex tips from pornstars.

Some of the worlds sexiest female pornstars and the most experienced male performers give their best advise on how to fuck like a pornstar.

Porn Star Sex Tips 1
Madison Ivy, Keiran Lee


Madison is a porn star with a tube channel where she discusses all the fun stuff involved in being a porn star. In today’s episode, it’s all about how to give a proper blowjob for all her devoted fans.

Even more special, one lucky fan even gets to be a part of it all!

Porn Star Sex Tips 2
Luna Star, Markus Dupree

Sex Tips with Luna Star

Luna is a porn star with a tube channel where she discusses all the fun stuff involved in being a porn.

On today’s episode, she’s talking sex, sex, and more sex—specifically positions. Offering tips, advice, and even some insider information on how to get down like the porn stars do.

Luna starts out with a sexy demonstration that turns into one lucky fan’s best day ever!

Porn Star Sex Tips 3
Brooke Beretta, Xander Corvus

Anal Sex Tips

Brooke Beretta shoots a how-to video for her web channel, answering her followers’ top question: how to do anal.

She explains that you have to start out small with butt plugs and gives a demonstration. Xander Corvus pops into Brooke’s shot and she scolds him.

He suggests they show her followers how it’s really done and fucks Brooke hard in the ass!