Cadet Khloe Part 1 A Star Student

Khloe Kapri, Bratty Baybe and Barbie Dracula
Cadet Khloe Part 1 A Star Student

Cadet Khloe TeamSkeet

Cadet Khloe (Part 1 of 3): Although Khloe isn’t the best student, she is adept at manipulating situations to obtain what she wants.


Khloe and Mr. Joey are left alone together to figure out a solution when Khloe receives a “F” on her test. Barbie, Bratty, and Kitty are the other members of Khloe’s posse.

Even if Khloe’s previous misbehaviour in class has left the instructor unimpressed, she may be willing to change her grade if she gets on her knees and begs.

In Cadet Khloe Part 1 A Star Student, Khloe had hoped that that would be the response he gave, so she jumps straight into the action. She does a great job of sucking his cock and then she shows Joey her nice pussy.

Khloe is desperate to get a ‘A,’ so she gives Joey complete control over her.

Ding Dong Ditch Jordan Maxx

Ding Dong Ditch
Jordan Maxx, Diego Perez

Ding Dong Ditch jordan maxx

When Lil Humper, Diego Perez and his friend are out driving around pulling some old-school pranks, they come upon Ms. Maxx, who was their college lecturer in the past.


They decided to use a ding-dong-ditch to win back the blonde MILF because she had a reputation for being overly severe.

In Reality Kings Ding Dong Ditch, Diego falls and his friend abandons him, but Jordan Maxx lures him into her house and lets him suck on her gigantic titties, the plan goes bad.

This joke that went horribly wrong ended up producing the best possible result: Diego ending up with his balls firmly embedded in his professor’s pussy.

Pornstar Featured in Ding Dong Ditch

Jordan Maxx

Jordan Maxx, a blonde MILF, has finally returned for another spicily sexual session.

The supreme predator in the film industry, it’s obvious that this enthusiast of basketball and professional wrestling says her prayers and takes her vitamins since her 34D massive tits and big booty make her the best at what she does.

Jordan has won the respect and adoration of her co-stars as well as millions upon millions of adoring fans thanks to her grit, loyalty, and respect.

Because Jordan Maxx is unquestionably the greatest must-see pornstar in recent memory, regardless of whether she’s making another model famous or locking lips with a large dick, any porn mark will have a good time watching the scenes below!

Girlsway A VERY Unprincipled Family

A VERY Unprincipled Family
Kendra James, Reagan Foxx, Hazel Moore, Chloe Surreal

A VERY Unprincipled Family

Kendra James, the high school administrator, has invited instructor Reagan Foxx and two pupils, Hazel Moore and Chloe Surreal, to meet her after school in a classroom.


Reagan, Hazel, and Chloe are perplexed- what could Kendra want from them? They get their answer, though, when Kendra arrives

Kendra has discovered a ‘open secret’ that EVERYONE in the school is aware of except for her. And the secret is that Hazel and Chloe are stepsisters… and Reagan is their stepmother!

This wouldn’t be such a big deal… if Kendra hadn’t ALSO gotten many reports of Reagan favouring her two stepdaughters.

In A VERY Unprincipled Family, Reagan is taken aback, insisting that she hasn’t done anything wrong, but Kendra wasn’t born yesterday. The evidence is too overwhelming to ignore, and honestly, things can’t go on like way.

Reagan takes a step back, realising she’s definitely in over her head, and assures Kendra she’ll discipline Hazel and Chloe at home.

Kendra, on the other hand, does not WANT Reagan to reprimand them at home. How can she be sure she’ll do it? So far, she hasn’t been able to trust her…

Reagan will have to reprimand her daughters RIGHT NOW, in front of Kendra. Kendra may then confirm that the girls were actually taught a lesson.

Okay, if that’s what it takes, then so be it! The two teenagers cross their legs over the teacher’s desk, revealing their bottoms.

During A VERY Unprincipled Family, Reagan spanks them both, making everyone, including Kendra, even hotter and more irritated. Maybe Kendra could go a little more ‘hands-on’ with this VERY unprincipled family… by joining them for a foursome!

Girlsway Babysitter First Aid Training

Babysitter First Aid Training
Serene Siren, Gizelle Blanco, Demi Hawks

Girlsway Babysitter First Aid Training

Gizelle Blanco and her friend, Demi Hawks, are ready to become full-fledged babysitters.

They decide that Gizelle’s stepmom, Serene Siren, who is a registered nurse, can teach them first aid so that they can be more qualified

In Girlsway Babysitter First Aid Training, Serene is happy to give the girls a crash course in first aid, starting with using Gizelle as a practice dummy.

But as Serene practices CPR on Gizelle, their mouths pressed together, there is a spark of arousal between them that Demi notices.

Instead of being thrown off, Demi becomes flustered and flirty herself, wanting in on the family action!

This leads to Serene gradually becoming more and more handsy with BOTH girls as she goes through various life-saving techniques

Of course, all of the touching and guiding soon leads to the three of them deciding that it’s time to take a much-needed break!

A+ For Amazing Pussy Atlanta Moreno

A+ For Amazing Pussy
Atlanta Moreno, Danny D

A+ for amazing pussy

Quiet, bookish nerd Since the beginning of the semester, Atlanta Moreno has been hopelessly in love with her professor Danny D.


She can’t stop masturbating to sexy ideas about getting fucked as a reward for an exceptional score while she is studying for a final exam at home.

In A+ For Amazing Pussy, when Atlanta learns that she has received a score of a hundred percent, she makes use of the chance to declare that she not only wants to be Danny’s best pupil, but she also wants to be his best fuck.

She makes her desire a reality by pulling out her tits and coaxing him into fucking her in the classroom until both her mouth and her pussy have had their fill of everything she has to offer.