The Bonding Tub Ashley Alexander

The Bonding Tub
Ashley Alexander, Peter Fitzwell

The Bonding Tub Ashley Alexander

As Ashley’s mother informed her, she needed to develop a relationship with her new stepfather, Peter. He is taking a bath when she comes across him and offers to assist him in washing his back.


Although Peter respectfully declines, Ashley encourages him to stop being so stupid since she thinks that this would be wonderful for them. During the time that she is washing his back, he informs her that one of his favourite things to do is to relax in the bathtub.

Ashley interprets this as an invitation to join in on the fun. Despite the fact that Peter is currently quite hesitant, Ashley reassures him that it is not strange and that it would only bring them closer together.

The act of brushing her feet across his dick occurs while she is in the tub. It is impossible for her not to notice how difficult Peter is. While Peter is attempting to get out of the tub, he comes dangerously close to knocking Ashley out with his enormous, hard dick.

In Bang Bros The Bonding Tub, Ashley, who is awestruck by the sheer magnitude of it, eagerly requests that he touch it. She then begs him to let her suck it, and he finally gives in.

After pounding the back of her throat for a while, Ashley comes to the conclusion that fucking is the very best method to bond with her partner.

While she does her best to accept Peter’s third leg, Peter is the one who is having a hard time dealing with how tight and heated she is making her feel.

He is unable to maintain his grasp for very long as he hurls a massive load all over her stomach. It’s not likely that this is what her mother had in mind, but it’s undeniable that they have a strong connection at this point.

Sitting on Santas Lap Ashley Alexander

Sitting on Santas Lap
Ashley Alexander, Tony Rubino

Sitting on Santas Lap

Ashley Alexander was strolling along the shoreline when the renowned white van came to a halt, and Tony Rubino, dressed as Santa Claus, extended an invitation for her to partake in some festive Christmas merriment.


He possessed a gift for her. She would receive a sum of $100 in physical currency. The offer is $500 plus the contents of a mystery box, on the condition that she also utilises it. Difficult decision.

Fortunately, the opportunity to win $500 holds greater value than a mere $100, prompting Ashley to open the mystery box. Contained therein was a vibrating wand capable of inducing orgasm in females within a matter of seconds.

The boys assured her that it would be quite innocuous. She had the option to keep her clothing on, and they would utilise it by going through her trousers. Consequently, she boarded the bus.

She took a seat on Santa’s lap. Santa began to feel a strong connection with her. Clearly, this aroused her to the point where she quickly removed her clothing and engaged in sexual activities, including using a vibrator on her genitals and performing oral sex on Santa Claus.

Engaging in sexual intercourse with Santa Claus in various positions till Santa ejaculated his semen upon her face.