Locker Room Loads Evie Christian

Locker Room Loads starring Evie Christian and Kai Jaxon

Locker Room Loads

Kai Jaxon, a campus hunk, is invited to study with Evie Christian and her friend, but, contrary to their expectations, he is more interested in partying than learning.


During the time that he is undressing and caressing himself covertly, Evie slips into the locker room to see him. He then heads inside the locker room.

It is only after he is by himself that she manages to grab his towel and finally get a chance to glimpse and taste his large bottom.

Kai fucks her in a doggystyle against the lockers, and she rides him back and forth on the bench while her friend watches and hears from the outside.

In Bang Bros Locker Room Loads, Evie goes so far as to tell Kai to fill up her tight ass as well before he cums in her mouth himself.

Scarlett Gets In The Anal Bus Scarlett Page

Scarlett Gets In The Anal Bus

Scarlett Page, Kai Jaxon

Scarlett Gets In The Anal Bus

Scarlett is a girl who is not afraid of anything. You can see that she has enough energy to have a sexual encounter with someone and then immediately run a marathon afterward.


While we were picking her up for the Bang Bus, her feisty demeanour was not overlooked by everybody we encountered. When we flashed around money, she was delighted to chat to us, and she was quick to join the bus once we offered some cash to see her tits.

She was excited to talk to us. After a chain of events, she appeared naked in front of the camera, exposing her swollen lips and spreading them out. When she finally did mount our son Kai, she couldn’t believe how fat his cock was.

In Bang Bros Scarlett Gets In The Anal Bus, she was ready to mount him as soon as she could. Because she was so enamoured with it, she expressed a desire to go for anal, and we were more than prepared to accommodate her.

Scarlett has a lovely ass, and one of my favourite things to do is to watch it get fucked whenever I get the chance.

The fact that Kai gets to watch her asshole jump up and down his massive dick is a stroke of luck.

Big Cock Stretching Selina Bentz

Big Cock Stretching
Selina Bentz, Kai Jaxon

Big Cock Stretching

Yoga is not enough to distract Selina Bentz from the stress that she is experiencing at college.


She is in need of something that is beyond calming, and she is confident that her new flatmate Kai Jaxon can provide it for her!

When Selina is given a massage by Kai, she eagerly rubs her ass against his erect dick while simultaneously begging him to move his hands lower.

During Reality Kings Big Cock Stretching, Kai is more than delighted to give Selina a massage.

Not only does Kai have exactly what Selina requires, but she can’t get enough of his enormous cock in her pussy all the time!

Despite her pleading, Selina consumes every single drop of that load.

About Selina Bentz

Miss Selena Bentz had to leave her hometown of Midwestern with her gorgeous physique begging to be shown off in a bikini, and her eyes, which are so beautiful that you’ll want to swim in them!

Selina was made for the beach, and her seductive scenes will entice you to dive in, whether she’s lounging by the Pacific in Los Angeles or taking in the heat and spice of Miami and the Atlantic waves.

Step Mom Creampie Bianca Burke

Step Mom Creampie
Bianca Burke, Kai Jaxon

Step Mom Creampie

Despite the fact that Kai and Bianca are constantly squabbling, he is unable to tolerate his stepmother wearing provocative clothes that expose her cleavage to all of us.


She begins to understand that he is envious of the fact that they are not dating. Bianca informs Kai that he could have washed her tits for her, and then she goes away.

Oh well. Bianca removes her bra while she is in the restroom, and when she does, her tits are really enormous. It is possible that they are larger than my head!

A moment before Kai knocks on the door and asks if he can still have fun, she goes into the shower and gets completely drenched. It was a pleasure for Bianca to welcome him into the group.

The act of rubbing her tits with soap and water makes her so horny that she couldn’t wait to deep throat Kai’s enormous dick. He rubs her tits with soap and water.

In Bang Bros Step Mom Creampie, Bianca demonstrates to Kai how a seasoned pro can fuck a hard dick, and you really must watch this one.

Because of the fact that she pleads for a cream pie, I was so enraged that I ran away to get away from her.

No Appointment Needed Blaire Johnson

No Appointment Needed
Blaire Johnson, Kai Jaxon

No Appointment Needed
Blaire Johnson

As we catch up with Blaire, we see that she is looking absolutely stunning. My attempt to whack her with a small riz is unsuccessful because she is not biting.


As a result, I give the podcast that we are recording a shot. It is precisely when I offer her two thousand dollars to conduct an interview in the van topless that she begins to open up to us a little bit more.

As far as we know, she was on her way to a dick appointment when she saw us. Kai, the new guy who is in the back with her, is unable to contain his enthusiasm when he sees her becoming naked, and he swiftly joins her in doing so.

His question to her is whether or not her dick or dick was as large as his. Blair, who is already horny, tells Kai that she is ready to fuck him since she is really enjoying his brazenness.

As he fucks her face, then her tight body, Kai was already more than willing to go through with it. Blaire receives the kind of fucking that she was searching for thanks to Kai’s deep and intense performance.

As a result of the fact that Blaire fell in love with the chaos of everything, she can’t wait to return.