Big Tits Student Stuns Her Teacher Laura Fiorentino

Big Tits Student Stuns her Teacher
Laura Fiorentino, Michael Fly

Big tits student stuns her teacher

Today, I drove stocking-clad babe Laura Fiorentino to her driver’s test, and I was shocked to find out that she had aced the test with flying colours.


I allowed myself to become a little emotional, and when Laura saw that I had a throbbing erection, she brushed her fingers over my crotch in a teaseful manner before unzipping my jeans and giving me an amazing blowout!

After that, the raven-haired sex bomb displayed her enormous fake titties and cushioned my dick between them. After that, she put her dripping wet snatch down on my lap and deftly rode me in cowgirl position!

After that, we got into the trunk of the car, and I proceeded to bang the tattooed nymph while she was in the missionary position. This allowed me to have a fantastic look at her amazing rack.

During Big Tits Student Stuns Her Teacher, after some sensual spooning, Laura exposed her bubble butt, and I proceeded to fuck her from behind in a doggie style till I pulled out and spunked directly into her pierced tongue!

The Jealous Boyfriend Mia Trejsi

The Jealous Boyfriend
Mia Trejsi, Steve Q, Michael Fly

The Jealous Boyfriend

Upon their arrival at the Fake Hostel, Michael Fly, a physically robust individual, and his stunning Ukrainian partner, Mia Trejsi, are escorted to their designated room by the innkeeper, Steve Q.


It is worth noting that during this interaction, Steve Q engages in voyeuristic behaviour, surreptitiously observing Mia as she engages in oral stimulation of Michael’s rather large phallus.

Michael reciprocates by engaging in oral sex with the one possessing dark hair, followed by manual stimulation, and ultimately penetrating them with his erect phallus.

In an attempt to possess Mia exclusively, Steve manipulates Michael into leaving the shared accommodation, thereafter assuming his position and engaging in sexual activity with Mia, specifically focusing on her pierced lips, while adopting a doggy-style position.

In Fakehub The Jealous Boyfriend, Mia engages in sexual activity with two individuals who possess well-endowed genitalia. She transitions between copulating with them, assuming a cowgirl position on Steve’s substantial phallus until her attractive male partner returns.

Subsequently, she expeditiously dismounts from Steve and proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with Michael.

Following engaging in sexual intercourse in the missionary position with Steve, it is now Michael’s turn to receive oral stimulation on his penis from the attractive nymph until he ejaculates right into her mouth.

Camping With Fiances Best Friend Yenifer Chacon

Camping With Fiances Best Friend
Yenifer Chacon and Michael Fly

Camping With Fiances Best Friend

Michael Fly, a handsome man with dark hair, pops the question to his girlfriend when they are on a camping trip.


Delighted by the news, his girlfriend tells her closest friend, Yenifer Chacon, who is a sultry redhead.

Yenifer is a tremendous cumslut who, at the first opportunity, cheekily flashes Michael her curvy bum and shows him the butt plug she’s been covertly wearing.

What Michael’s girlfriend does not know is that Yenifer is a total cumslut. Michael pushes his big, thick dick inside Yenifer’s ravenous holes after giving the newly engaged stud a covert blowjob inside their set tent.

Next, he puts the inked-up babe on all fours and hits her from behind in a doggystyle!

In Camping With Fiances Best Friend, the flame-haired beauty rides her best friend’s fiancé in cowgirl while he strokes her clit. After that, she plays with Michael’s cock till he covers her in a hot, sticky facial!

Her perky, pierced nipples are on full display.

FAKEhub The Invisibility Cloak

FAKEhub The Invisibility Cloak
Sofia Lee and Michael Fly

FAKEhub The Invisibility Cloak

A cloak that makes one invisible is the gift that Sofia Lee has prepared for Michael Fly as a surprise.


After donning the cloak, the eager stud walks inside the gym where Sofia is exerting herself and begins to watch her.

Michael playsfully smacks Sofia’s enormous boobs with his cock before fucking her face and pussy! All the meantime, Michael reveals nothing but his throbbing erection.

The curvy brunette lets out a loud groan as Michael penetrates her from behind while they are in doggy position, and then the two of them engage in a sizzling side fuck on the ground.

After that, Sofia exposes her massive posterior and shakes it before putting her hairy snatch down on her lover’s rod and riding it cowgirl while stroking her clitch to orgasm!

During FAKEhub The Invisibility Cloak, following an intense missionary-style pounding, Michael slides his dick back inside the gorgeous Czech’s mouth and fucks it hard until he showers her in his hot cum!

Fake Driving School Big Dick Stretches Big Tits Blonde

Fake Driving School Big Dick Stretches Big Tits Blonde
Kristy Waterfall and Michael Fly

Fake Driving School Big Dick Stretches Big Tits Blonde

Kristy Waterfall, a cute blonde who is anxious to get some last-minute practise in before her driving test, sneaks into the Fake Driving School and starts up the automobile.


When her instructor Michael Fly catches her in the act, Kristy tries to defuse the tension by stripping naked in front of the hunky instructor and exposing her large, luscious tits and curvy ass.

Next, the naughty Czech gets down on her knees and gives Michael a stunning blowjob by swallowing his massive dick.

After that, she exposes her thong-clad booty and receives a pounding in a technique similar to that of a dog.

When she was ready, Kristy puts her slender pussy on Michael’s lap and drives him around in cowgirl while he plays with her wonderful round boobs.

In Fake Driving School Big Dick Stretches Big Tits Blonde, the two of them enjoy a side fuck in the backseat of the orange learner car.

When it’s time to cum, Michael pulls out a creamy load and dumps it all over the delighted pussy of the hot nymph!

FakeHub Moving My Ass Jade Amor

FakeHub Moving My Ass
Jade Amor and Michael Fly

Fakehub Moving My Ass

French beauty Jade Amor is riding in the back of a moving truck when a bump in the road sends her flying straight onto Michael Fly’s enormous cock!


Jade was wearing heels and a gorgeous dress at the time of the incident. After Michael has undone the buttons on his trousers, the stunning brunette gives Michael a passionate blowjob, and then he fucks the attractive face of the brunette!

Jade spreads her narrow legs and takes a side fuck on the floor before straddling the dark-haired hunk and easing her tight butthole down onto his long, thick rod!

With her petite, pierced tits on view, Jade takes a side fuck on the floor before straddling the hunk.

In FakeHub Moving My Ass, after giving Michael a frantic ride in the form of a cowgirl, Jade exposes her gorgeous round ass and challenges him to give her a vigorous pounding from behind while she is in the doggy position.

When it’s time to cum, the well-hung guy quickly pulls out, just in time to dump a creamy load all over Jade!

FakeHub Becoming The Dildo

FakeHub Becoming The Dildo
Kaira Kampen and Michael Fly

FakeHub Becoming The Dildo

Michael Fly takes the chance to go snooping when the petite blonde Kaira Kampen leaves her room.


While he was looking about, he noticed that Kaira had a large dildo on her bed. The pervert with the black hair, who was in a naughty mood, decided to use his magical abilities to turn himself into the sex toy!

When Kaira comes back, she lubricates her hungry pussy and inserts the dildo as far as she can…

In FakeHub Becoming The Dildo, when the sporty chick finally hits her peak, Michael pops up in front of her with his cock cocked and eager to get it on with her!

Kaira, yearning for the genuine article, slides her pussy down onto the muscular hunk’s pulsating manhood and rides it cowgirl.

Afterwards, the hot couple enjoys a side fucking session. After that, Michael fucks the tattooed nymph while she is in the missionary position.

This provides him with an excellent view of her large, juicy titties as they move about with each thrust.

After that, the horny babe gets down on her knees and gives Michael’s dick a sensual, deepthroat blowjob before receiving a doggystyle pounding from behind.

During FakeHub Becoming The Dildo, once she’s orgasmed numerous times, Michael jerks off till he pours a creamy load all over Kaira’s massive boobs! Kaira’s huge boobs are covered in a creamy load!

Fake Driving School Big Naturals Wants Her Licence

Fake Driving School Big Naturals Wants Her Licence
Aleya Sun and Michael Fly

Fake Driving School Big Naturals Wants Her Licence

On the day of Aleya Sun’s driving test, it became evident that her confidence behind the wheel was lacking. As the driving instructor, I delivered the disappointing news that she hadn’t passed. However, to my surprise, Aleya proposed a tempting proposition, extending her hand to stroke my already hardening cock. Unable to resist her seductive advances, I found myself caught in the throes of desire.


Aleya’s skilled lips enveloped my shaft, indulging me in a long and tantalisingly sloppy blowjob. The sensation was overwhelming, fuelling the flames of our lust even further. With aching anticipation, she assumed the alluring position of doggystyle, inviting me to take her from behind. The rhythmic thrusts accentuated our connection, intensifying the pleasure that coursed through our bodies.

In the intimate confines of the backseat, we found solace in each other’s embrace, engaging in a passionate spooning session. The ambiance was charged with raw desire as I positioned myself above her, revealing in the mesmerising view of her voluptuous breasts. The sexual tension grew exponentially, setting the stage for a fiery encounter.

in Fake Driving School Big Naturals Wants Her Licence, with Aleya straddling my lap in cowgirl position, her tantalising curves adorned with a teasing thong, our bodies melded together in a dance of ecstasy. Each sensual movement was punctuated by the erotic sound of skin meeting skin, accompanied by the intoxicating rhythm of her moans. I couldn’t resist the temptation to deliver playful spanks to her plump and inviting ass, heightening our shared pleasure.

As the heat between us reached its climax, I succumbed to the uncontrollable desire that surged within me. With a firm grip, I pleasured myself, the tension building until I erupted, releasing my essence upon Aleya’s impressive rack. The intimate moment was a culmination of our unrestrained passion, leaving us both sated and fulfilled.

FakeHub D Is For Discount

FakeHub D Is For Discount
Charlie Red and Michael Fly

FakeHub D is for Discount

Charlie Red, a smouldering hottie with fiery hair, has arrived to a furniture store in the hopes of finding a unique kind of sale, and the sales associates Jake Fly and Michael Fly are vying with one another to make the most alluring proposal to her.


However, when they find Charlie stealing and question her about it, the lovely redhead does her best to get out of the sticky position by pouncing on Michael’s massive dick and distracting him with a blowjob!

She does this to get out of the situation! In FakeHub D Is For Discount, after a steamy titwank, the voluptuous beauty crawls down on all fours to receive a hard fucking doggy-style, and then the passionate couple have a side fuck on one of the showcase beds before Charlie spreads her legs and gets drilled in the missionary position.

Next, the naughty Czech woman gets on top of Michael’s lap and rides his huge cock in cowgirl.

After that, the dark-haired hunk rubbed Charlie’s clit to the point of ecstasy while he spilled a creamy load all over her face!

Blonde Wife Bad Driver Great Fuck Karina King

Fake Driving School Blonde wife bad driver great fuck
Karina King, Michael Fly

Blonde wife bad driver great fuck

Karina King, a beautiful blonde, was taking her driver’s test on the day in question, and I could tell that she was feeling a bit anxious.


I had to give the stunning Ukrainian woman a refresher course on how to operate the pedals and gear stick, and then not long after we had begun our journey, she wrecked the vehicle.

I did not want to give her a driver’s licence, therefore I did not do so; however, the mischievous little minx used her charms on me and made me quite aroused…

She undid the buttons on my jeans, teased me by gently massaging my tightening cock, and then she removed it with her mouth.

After giving her a beautiful blowjob, I pulled up her short denim skirt, fucked the stockinged girl in the missionary position, and then I drank up her pussy secretions.

After that, I gave her another fantastic blowjob.

In Fake Driving School Blonde wife bad driver great fuck, Karina was excited to demonstrate to me how well she could ride my dick, so she jumped on my lap while I was in cowgirl position

This provided me with an excellent view of her large boobs, and after that, we spooned on the backseat while I rubbed her clit to the point of climax.

At the point where I was about to cum, I pulled out and wanked a load into the busty nympho’s tongue before congratulating her on passing the test with flying colours!

My Housemate The Dancer Karina King, Michael Fly

My Housemate The Dancer
Karina King, Michael Fly

My Housemate The Dancer

Michael Fly’s hot blonde roommate asks him to record her sexy dance moves, but as Karina King grinds on Michael’s lap, the cute, glasses-wearing nerd ends up cumming in his pants!


Wanting to express her gratitude for Michael’s assistance, Karina kneels down and treats the dark-haired hunk to a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob, and once she’s finished gagging on his thick cock, the big-boobed Ukrainian hops on top to ride it cowgirl-style!

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Next, Michael penetrates Karina’s tight pussy in missionary position before flipping her over so he can pound her from behind doggystyle as the curvy babe moans with pleasure.

During My Housemate The Dancer, after bouncing on Michael’s cock some more, Karina gives the well-hung stud another blowjob until he cums directly in her mouth!

Squirt Session Cherry Kiss

Squirt Session
Cherry Kiss, Michael Fly

Beautiful Serbian Cherry Kiss slowly unbuttons her dress in Michael Fly’s massage studio, then she lies down on the floor and seductively spreads her legs as the hunky masseur lights more candles.

Squirt Session

Both Cherry and Michael are in the mood for a good fucking, so after drizzling oil all over the hot blonde’s incredible body, Michael gives Cherry an intense fingering until she is squirting her juices across the room!


Dark-haired Michael pounds the pierced babe in missionary position, then Cherry straddles the well-hung stud and bounces her pussy on his thick cock in cowgirl.

After some 69ing, Michael bangs big-boobed Cherry in a sexy side fuck before flipping her on all fours and stretching her tight hole doggystyle.

Following a vigorous face fuck, tattooed Cherry takes a hardcore pounding in the piledriver position, then Michael cums all over her trimmed pussy as she squirts her juices back at him!