My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak Natasha Nice

My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak
Natasha Nice and Dan Damage

My Girlfriend's Sister is a Freak

Dan Damage and his partner are organising a dinner event in honour of his partner’s sister, Natasha Nice, who has a curvaceous physique.


Dan and Natasha have not yet had the opportunity to meet. However, Dan is captivated by Natasha’s striking facial features and impressive physical attributes.

Natasha holds a favourable opinion of Dan and, during their meal, deliberately drops a fork on the floor as a pretext to subtly engage in seductive behaviour towards her unknowing romantic partner.

In My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak, Natasha and Dan engage in intimate activity beneath the table, culminating in Dan’s completion within Natasha, resulting in a fluid-filled outcome.

Natasha’s sibling remains unaware, prompting Natasha to discreetly accompany Dan to the loo, engaging in intimate activities till reaching a climax resulting in Dan ejaculating across Natasha’s ample and aesthetically pleasing breasts.

Pornstar Featured in My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak

Natasha Nice

This Paris-born, Los Angeles-raised beauty has just the right mix of sophistication and sass to drive us nuts.

She jumped into the profession as soon as she reached 18 because she couldn’t wait another minute to be paid to do what she loved.

Ms. Nice will spend the entire day getting fucked on set, then return home and ask her boyfriend for more. Natasha’s drive and unyielding desire to come have garnered her four AVN Award nominations.

Don’t assume for a second that Natasha is only interested in cock; she is also an ardent reader, studies Marine Biology, and enjoys being engaged in all areas of porn production.

She has even directed her own scenes and enjoys coming up with new sequences by massaging her clit and testing which one gets her off the fastest.

We can’t get enough of her wicked smile and fuck-me eyes, and we bet you’ll be obsessed with Natasha Nice after seeing her.

MILFS Take Miami Part 3

MILFS Take Miami – Part 3
Natasha Nice, Alexis Fawx, CJ Miles, James Angel, GI Joey

MILFS Take Miami Part 3

All good things must come to an end.   Here’s the final episode of this Brazzers MILFS porn special.


The adventurous Alexis Fawx finally gets her chance to reconnect with missing driver James Angel in the season finale of this wild and filthy series.

Meanwhile, our MILFs celebrate their last night in Miami.

Alexis, CJ Miles, and Natasha Nice work harder than anybody else because they are aware that they are the centre of attention and they need to make a good first impression.

These MILFs are taking over and departing with a boom, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the hotel lobby, 8th Street, or the bar tops of VIP clubs. They’re everywhere.

In Brazzers MILFS Take Miami Part 3, they arrived looking spotless and ready for business, and now they are going to depart feeling content and drooling.

And that is something that can only take place if Alexis manages to finally have that missing connection rail her tight ass smack dab in the middle of a crowded dance floor…

Watch MILFS Take Miami Part 1

Watch MILFS Take Miami Part 2

Milfs Take Miami Part 2

Milfs Take Miami Part 2
Natasha Nice, Alexis Fawx, CJ Miles, Johnny Love, Dwayne Foxxx, Jay Bangher, Dan Damage

Milfs Take Miami Part 2

In the second leg of our MILF journey in Miami, it is Natasha Nice’s chance to pursue her fantasies in style.


She takes not one but two men to quench her craving for throbbing, pumping, full cocks ready to burst over her large juicy tits!

Natasha Nice is a voluptuous natural bouncy woman.

But where can one look for them?

In Milfs Take Miami Part 2, following some nudity and fucking on jet skis out over the ocean with the alluring Alexis Fawx and the spinner CJ Miles, the MILF trio finds themselves caught up in another party, which is this time disrupted by muscular bicycle police officers.

So it’s like having two cocks in one mouth! Natasha has the ability to save the day by capturing their souls, bouncing her juicy ass, and licking up every single drop of their hot loads.

Because Miami is not yet prepared to host MILFs of this calibre… Are you?

Did you get a chance to see Milfs Take Miami Part 1?  Well now is your chance…take it!

Where does the sex in uniform niche come from?

The “sex in uniform” niche, often associated with the popular MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) category, stems from a variety of influences.

It revolves around the sexual fantasy or fetish involving individuals in uniforms engaging in explicit activities.

Here are some factors contributing to its origins:

Power and Authority: Uniforms symbolize power and authority, which can be sexually stimulating for those attracted to dominant figures or power dynamics.

Taboo and Forbidden Desires: The allure of breaking societal norms and indulging in forbidden scenarios plays a role in this niche. Uniforms represent a departure from the ordinary, creating excitement and a sense of rebellion.

Cultural Influences: Media, including movies, literature, and pornography, has played a significant role in popularising and normalising the “sex in uniform” niche.

These portrayals often depict characters in uniform engaging in sexual encounters, fuelling fantasies and desires.

Symbolism and Roleplay: Uniforms hold symbolic significance, representing specific professions or roles.

Engaging in roleplay allows individuals to explore power dynamics, authority, and different identities in a consensual context as seen in Milfs Take Miami Part 2.

It’s important to remember that sexual preferences and fantasies vary among individuals.

The “sex in uniform” niche, including the MILF category, represents a segment of diverse sexual interests and desires.

Brazzers MILFS Take Miami Part 1

MILFS Take Miami Part 1
Natasha Nice, Alexis Fawx, Valerica Steele, CJ Miles, JMac, James Angel

MILFS take Miami Part 1

When Alexis Fawx, CJ Miles, and Natasha Nice arrived in Miami for a boring work meeting, their sexual appetites were immediately stirred by their younger driver, who teased them as soon as they stepped off the plane. Meat for the cougars to gorge themselves on…


The trio can’t help but be enticed by the pandemonium that is going on around them as they check into their hotel during Spring Break.

There are people flashing in the streets, horsing around the pool and the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Do these college kids seriously believe that they can throw a better party than our MILFs?!

It’s possible that they change out of their “conference casual” attire and into something that exposes more of their bouncing tits, juicy asses, and tight bodies in order to lure away potential partners like Jmac and slip away to a room for an exclusive sloppy threesome filled with drool, cum, and the violet-haired minx Valerica Steele. This would allow them to steal potential partners.

These studs and fresh co-eds are not even close to being ready for the hedonistic sexual fucking of their lifetimes, which is only made possible by the experienced alluring energy of needy, horny, and knowledgeable MILFs…

Peeping Pervert Gets A Squirting Lesbian Lesson

Peeping Pervert Gets A Squirting Lesbian Lesson
Natasha Nice, Skylar Snow, Abigaiil Morris

Peeping Pervert Gets A Squirting Lesbian Lesson

Shy Abigaiil Morris has never had a lesbian encounter and hadn’t given it much attention until she became roommates with Natasha Nice, who is in a passionate lesbian relationship with the wild and wet Skylar Snow.

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As Natasha Nice prepared to go to the party, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror applying her makeup.

Her brown hair was swept up in a messy bun, with a few strands framing her face.

Her eyes were accentuated with dark eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow, and her plump lips were painted a bright red.

In Peeping Pervert Gets A Squirting Lesbian Lesson, she wore a fitted towel that hugged her curves in all the right places, accentuating her big boobs.

Natasha stood on her tiptoes, leaning closer to the mirror to apply some finishing touches to her lipstick when the bathroom door suddenly swung open.

It was her Abigaiil Morris, who had forgotten something in the bathroom. Natasha quickly spun around to cover herself, but it was too late. Her roommate had caught a glimpse of her naked body.

“Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude,” her Abigaiil said with a smirk.

Natasha laughed it off, feeling slightly embarrassed but also secretly enjoying the attention. She gave her roommate a playful wink and continued to play with her pussy and rub her tits.

As she finished masturbating, Natasha called for Skylar Snow to join them naked in the bathroom.

During Peeping Pervert Gets A Squirting Lesbian Lesson, when Skylar discovered Abigaiil and Natasha naked in the bathroom. These three sexy women with big boobs enjoy a lesbian threesome.

Scissor Happy Slut Gets MILF Threesome Natasha Nice

Scissor Happy Slut Gets MILF Threesome
Natasha Nice, Kaiia Eve, Mick Blue

Scissor Happy Slut Gets MILF Threesome

Natasha Nice and Mick Blue are celebrating their new marriage bliss by fucking on the kitchen table.

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Mick’s son and his new girlfriend, Kaiia Eve, travel home from college for a surprise weekend visit during that time.

Mick’s son is a prude, but Kaiia is desperate for a fuck and devises a strategy to gain immediate access to Mick’s dick.

Kaiia crawls beneath the table, pussy leaking, and cuts a gloryhole in Mick’s newspaper. Natasha walks in and gets down on her knees to scrub Kaiia’s wet mess.

During Scissor Happy Slut Gets MILF Threesome, Kaiia was sucking her man’s cock at the time. Natasha Nice does not become enraged; instead, she becomes scissor happy and yoinks Kaiia out of the room and into the bed for some steamy girl-on-girl action.

After a good hard fucking, Natasha Nice prepared to tackle the dirty dishes piled up in the sink, her bright smile and positive energy were infectious. She moved with grace and ease, even as she scrubbed away at stubborn stains.

The Marigolds clung tightly to her hands, giving her a sense of power and control. Her eyes sparkled with determination and she attacked the dirty dishes with gusto, determined to leave the kitchen spotless.

After Scissor Happy Slut Gets MILF Threesome, despite the hard work, Natasha remained cool and collected. She hummed along to her favourite tunes, her hips swaying to the rhythm of the music. It was hard not to be mesmerised by her beauty and charm.

As she finished up, Natasha removed her Marigolds and admired her handiwork. The kitchen was now gleaming and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. With a final smile, she left the kitchen, ready to tackle whatever task came her way.

The AV Club Natasha Nice and Bunny Madison

Natasha Nice had always been drawn to women, but she had never found someone who truly captured her heart. That is, until she met Bunny Madison.

Bunny was unlike anyone Natasha had ever met before. She was kind, funny, and incredibly smart. And although Bunny’s figure was slim and petite, Natasha was entranced by her every movement.


The two of them met at a mutual friend’s party, and they hit it off immediately. They spent the entire evening talking, laughing, and sharing stories. And as the night wore on, Natasha found herself drawn to Bunny’s sparkling blue eyes and full lips.

In Brazzers The AV Club, it wasn’t long before they exchanged numbers and began texting each other every day. Natasha loved the way Bunny made her feel, and she knew that she was falling for her.

Their first date was at a cozy little café in the heart of the city. Natasha couldn’t help but feel nervous as she walked up to the table where Bunny was waiting. But as soon as she saw Bunny’s smile, all her nerves melted away.

They ordered coffee and talked for hours, their conversation flowing effortlessly. Natasha was struck by Bunny’s intelligence and wit, and Bunny found herself drawn to Natasha’s confidence and natural beauty.

As they walked out of the café, Bunny took Natasha’s hand in hers, and they strolled through the city streets, lost in each other’s company. Natasha couldn’t believe how right it felt to be with Bunny, and she knew that she never wanted to let her go.

During Brazzers, The AV Club, their second date was at a park, where they had a picnic under the shade of a big oak tree. Natasha had brought along some wine and cheese, and they spent the afternoon lounging on a blanket, sipping wine, and gazing up at the sky.

As the sun began to set, Bunny leaned over and kissed Natasha on the lips. It was soft and gentle, but it sent a shiver down Natasha’s spine.

They kissed for what felt like an eternity, their bodies pressed close together. And as they broke apart, Bunny whispered in Natasha’s ear, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Natasha’s heart swelled with happiness, and she knew that she felt the same way. From that moment on, they were inseparable.

They spent their weekends exploring the city, taking long walks in the park, and cuddling up on the couch to watch movies. Natasha loved the way Bunny fit so perfectly against her, her slim figure a perfect match for Natasha’s own curves.

And as they lay together in bed each night, Natasha would run her hands over Bunny’s body, marveling at the way her skin felt against her fingertips. She knew that she had found her soulmate in Bunny Madison, and she never wanted to let her go.

Natasha Nice in a Big Breasted Air Hostess Love Story

Natasha Nice was a big breasted air hostess with striking features and curves in all the right places.

Big Breasted Air Hostess

As a big breasted air hostess, she traveled the world, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. One day, she met a charming passenger named Jack, who was seated in first class.


Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off of Natasha. Her smile was infectious, and her voice was like music to his ears. They struck up a conversation, and Jack found himself drawn to her warmth and intelligence.

As they chatted, Jack couldn’t help but notice the way Natasha’s uniform accentuated her ample breasts. He tried to keep his gaze from lingering too long, but it was impossible to resist.

Natasha was no stranger to male attention, but there was something different about Jack. He was kind and respectful, treating her like a person rather than an object. As their flight drew to a close, Jack worked up the courage to ask for Natasha’s phone number.

Over the next few weeks, Jack and Natasha talked every day. They discovered a shared love of music, movies, and travel. Jack was captivated by Natasha’s natural beauty, and she was drawn to his wit and humour.

Their conversations grew more and more intimate, and Jack longed to see big breasted air hostess Natasha again. He arranged to fly out to her hometown for a weekend, and when they finally met in person, their chemistry was electric.

As they explored the city together, Jack couldn’t help but marvel at the way Natasha’s breasts bounced as she walked. He found himself wanting to touch them, to feel their softness against his fingertips.

But he held back, not wanting to be too forward. It wasn’t until they were alone in Natasha’s apartment that he finally mustered the courage to reach out and touch her.

Natasha gasped as Jack’s hands cupped her breasts, and she leaned into his embrace. They kissed passionately, their bodies pressed close together.

From that moment on, Jack and Natasha were inseparable. They traveled the world together, exploring new countries and cultures. And through it all, Jack remained captivated by Natasha’s natural beauty, her infectious smile, and of course, her ample breasts.

As they cuddled in bed each night, Jack would run his hands over Natasha’s curves, marveling at the way her body fit so perfectly against his. And he knew that he had found his true love, in the form of a beautiful big breasted air hostess named Natasha Nice.

Holiday Hotwife Hustle Natasha Nice, Jennie Rose

Holiday Hotwife Hustle
Natasha Nice, Jennie Rose, Brad Newman, GI Joey

Holiday Hotwife Hustle

Married couple Brad & Natasha are on a vacation road trip to spice up their love life as things have been a little too predictable as of late.


They stop at the in-laws, hunky Joey & his lusty trophy wife Jennie.

The get-together encourages the bored couple to inject some much-needed passion into their lives with a little help from their friends!

Pornstars Featured in Holiday Hotwife Hustle

Natasha Nice

This Paris-born, L.A. raised starlet has just the right amount of class and ass to drive us totally insane.

She charged into the industry as soon as she turned 18 because she couldn’t wait one minute longer to get paid to do her favourite thing on earth.

Naughty Ms. Nice will spend all day getting fucked on set, then come home and beg her boyfriend for more. Natasha’s passion and unstoppable urge to come have earned her four AVN Award nominations.

Don’t think for a minute she only has cock on the mind, though – Natasha is also an avid reader, studies Marine Biology, and enjoys being involved in all aspects of porn production.

She has even directed scenes of her own, and loves to dream up ideas for scenes by rubbing her clit and seeing which one gets her off the fastest.

We can’t get enough of her sly smile and fuck-me eyes, and we bet that once you watch her, you’ll be nonstop stuck on Natasha Nice.

Jennie Rose

Stunning up-and-cumming pornstar Jennie Rose was born into a very traditional and religious family, where she spent her childhood being raised by numerous pastors and a super conservative mother.

Since leaving college, the fiercely independent spinner has broken free of the shackles of her restrictive upbringing and forged a successful career path, setting up her own car rental and e-commerce businesses before opening a studio, which she still manages when she isn’t busy shooting porn.

The sex-positive nymph loves the spotlight and the attention she gets when performing in front of the camera, although she didn’t consider working in the adult industry until she reached her thirties.

When the pandemic hit, Jennie would watch porn and masturbate for hours every day during lockdown to feed her high sex drive, which got her wanting to make smutty videos herself!

One thing to note about the petite babe is that she never fakes an orgasm; if she isn’t cumming, she isn’t going to tell you she’s cumming!

When Jennie isn’t getting her tight pussy plowed on set, she enjoys painting, cooking tasty Korean food, and taking care of her pet dog.

Check out this raven-haired beauty in her sexy Brazzers debut called Holiday Hotwife Hustle.