Next Time Just Ask Justine Jakobs

Next Time Just Ask
Justine Jakobs, Ethan Seeks

Next Time Just Ask

Despite the fact that Justine’s stepson Ethan has other plans, she simply wants to take a shower in quiet.


Despite the fact that she is drenched, he continues to sneak on her. But she manages to catch him this time. She forces him to engage in sexual activity with her in order to teach him a lesson, and now she is the one who gets to watch him.

As she begins to torment him a little bit, this sexy stepmother comes to the realisation that the two of them standing there nude and wet is more than she can manage.

Because she is about to suck his dick, he needs to make sure that he cleans it very thoroughly. When Ethan fucks Justine’s throat, he does it with great pleasure.

In Bang Bros Next Time Just Ask, after that, they move it to the bedroom so that he may completely destroy his stepmother even further. Following the fact that her tight pussy causes him to blow a decent nut all over, she tells him that,

it is simply preferable to ask rather than to sneak around.

Big Bossy Milkers Cecelia Taylor Justine Jakobs

Big Bossy Milkers
Cecelia Taylor, Justine Jakobs

Big Bossy Milkers Cecelia Taylor Justine Jakobs

Celia Taylor, a paralegal, is already horny when she enters into the office of her boss, Justine Jakobs, and sees the tits of the MILF, who is extremely attractive.


Cecelia is trying to leave some files on her desk while Justine is pumping while she is on a call, but she accidentally knocks over a glass and still can’t quit staring at those large breasts.

During the conversation, Justine tells Cecelia that she might as well suck them, and then she conceals her behind her desk, where the adorable blonde licks her pussy.

In Reality Kings Big Bossy Milkers, after Cecelia receives a beating from her boss, the chicks lick each other and trib on the floor.

Meanwhile, the bossy lawyer pulls out a vibrator to use on her employee’s clit. Cecelia’s supervisor spanks her.

You Couldve Just Asked Justine Jakobs

You Couldve Just Asked
Justine Jakobs, Johnny Love

You Couldve Just Asked

Johnny has a fascination with watching his stepmother, Ms. Justine, shower and masturbating to the sound of her shower.


Normally, he is quite adept at keeping this passion a secret, but today he was caught, and the result was not even close to what he had anticipated being the case.

If that was what you wanted, you could have just asked her for it. Her reaction was straightforward.

Justine Jakobs looks super sexy when she is totally naked.  This stepmom really looks after her body to makes sure is is fully desirable at all times.

Damsel in DisDress Justine Jakobs

Damsel in DisDress
Justine Jakobs, Peter Green

Damsel in DisDress

Now that we have arrived, we discover that Justine’s van has broken down.


It’s a good thing that we have a fully operational one right here, and since we are every bit as much a pervert as we are a gentleman, we are willing to lend a helping hand.

It appears that she has everything under control, but we are the ones who are attempting to discover what she is hiding under her top. First, we explain to her what we are all about, and then we offer her a ride and a hundred dollars to go visit her children.

The fact that three mature guys are trying to view her titts is actually something that she finds amusing, and as a result, she is more than glad to reveal them to them.

Following that, she takes us by surprise by revealing that she is a nudist and then she strips down to her knickers.

During Damsel in DisDress, to show that he is not one to skip a party, Peter strips down with her. When she finally discovers Peters’s full-on erection, everything is a lot of fun and laughter.

We are once again taken aback as she grabs his dick before we have the opportunity to try to offer her the typical deal. She actually begins to take the lead in the dance and asks Peter if she can suck it.

Now that he is in her mouth, Peter starts to fuck her face, which makes her even more horny at this point, so she has no choice but to sit on it. During their attempt to out fuck each other, she and Peter get the vehicle rolling at the same time.

As he cums all over her face, hair, and tits, Peter eventually loses as he is doing it. Given that a woman can be so strange, we are in awe of her.

She informs us that she will be in Miami for a little while, not for a very long period. Our thanks for the ride should be directed towards you, Justine.